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September 28, 2022, 04:27:23 pm
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News: Hopefully this is welcoming you back, based on an announcement sent out.
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316  Rules (Applys to everyone) / Crank That Forum Announcements / Only click the "Report to moderator" button ONCE! on: February 07, 2008, 12:38:43 pm
We've noticed that people are reporting topics more than once, thinking that they will get it locked faster and the offending topics will get more attention. This is not true, in fact, it is the opposite. You will NOT get any more attention and the topic will NOT get locked any faster. Instead, it WILL cause more problems and the offending topic won't be found as fast.

If you see someone spamming the forums, in your message to the mods, explain they are spamming, don't report every topic either. Also, when you know someone else has reported the topic already, don't report it or even reply to it. Sometimes someone starts spamming threads and it ends up with 50 threads, and we get 30 reports per reply/topic made, and that does slow us down a lot.

Thank you,
  The Crank That Scape Forum Moderation Team.
317  Rules (Applys to everyone) / Crank That Forum Announcements / Scam & Virus Warnings - userful information. on: February 07, 2008, 12:37:05 pm
This thread contains important information to keep you safe, it seems long but PLEASE read it!

General information -
Do not download anything you don't trust! This is the number 1 rule of the internet!
NEVER give your passwords to anyone! Remember, you do NOT know who they are, it's easier to lie than you think.
ALWAYS check what you are running. DO NOT run a .bat file blindly, right click it and go to edit, if it doesn't look safe then DO NOT RUN IT. If you do want to be sure, look in other files, ESPECIALLY JAVA FILES, virus scanners DO NOT scan java files!
Now, this one is debatable, try to stay away from "hypes", it's rare but viruses can "slip" through virus scanners when the virus is new. A new hype could be a virus spreading campaign.

If you are unsure of a files safety, I have provided links to some popular online file scanners:  <- Recommended, although the server can be pretty busy.

Personal Messages, PMs etc -
Do not download ANY links sent to you through the forums PM system, I guarantee you these will almost ALWAYS be viruses!
Do not visit forums sent to you through the PM software, even if your sure there safe, do not download anything advertised there.

Staff's "servers" -
NEVER join a server when the server owner is a forum staff member, and the person advertising it is not a staff member.
NEVER download a staff member's server when the person advertising ti is not a staff member.

Staff asking for passwords -
NEVER tell a staff member your password, like I said before, you NEVER know who you are talking to.
318  Rules (Applys to everyone) / Crank That Forum Announcements / New CTSF Moderators/Administrators in server on: February 07, 2008, 12:32:56 pm
3___Hit___U has been maded a Moderator in server.
Lets hope the reports will be solved more often now.
I hope you like them.

A few people have already asked me how they became a moderator so I decided to post an announcement.

A note to all of you:

We understand a lot of you want to become mods.  Do not PM us about this, we will PM you if we think you are moderator worthy.

Crank That Scape Forum Moderation team
319  Rules (Applys to everyone) / Crank That Forum Announcements / Asking for member = mute. on: February 07, 2008, 12:29:47 pm
If u ask on Server for Member then u will get muted for 48 Hours.
I gonna get angry on the noobs who still ask for member.
I swear i gonna mute you, so i warned you for the things i tells you.
Anyway, 0BbY and Ranger Hero Can't make u Member.
Only Admin Pj can, so stop asking to all Administrator/Moderators for Member.
If i ever see you that you are asking for member, then u are 48 Hours.

Thank you,

Crank That Scape Forum Moderation Team.

Thank you, 0BbY, Admin Pj, Ranger Hero
320  Rules (Applys to everyone) / All The Rules you need to know / Re: Rules of Forums on: February 07, 2008, 11:48:26 am
That are my rules rofl, anyway thanks for adding.
321  Rules (Applys to everyone) / All The Rules you need to know / Re: The Way Banning and Muting Works on: February 07, 2008, 11:47:28 am
Same here, but i hate it too.
But i only mute or kick, i only banned one player right now with the name as: Ban Me rofl Tongue
322  Rules (Applys to everyone) / All The Rules you need to know / Re: Rules Pking on: February 07, 2008, 11:46:16 am
I agree them, u should make a pole.

14. Don't pking with 1 or 2 items, or we will mute u/or we will ban u
323  General Category / The News / Re: Welcome to Our New forums! on: February 07, 2008, 10:20:39 am
and not me?
324  General Category / Grapics / Rules on: February 07, 2008, 09:02:57 am
Ok here are some rules

1. Do not post any **** or Sex pictures/Signatures

2. Do not spam with them

3. Have fun

325  Rules (Applys to everyone) / All The Rules you need to know / Onther rules for forum on: February 07, 2008, 09:00:24 am
Welcome to the Crank That forum. Please remember that all questions or talk other then forum suggestions about The server belong at!

Thank you for joining these forums 

The Rules (Read them!)

Rule 1:
We are not anti-leech. If you respect our community and our ideas, feel free to ask questions and they will be kindly answered if you follow other rules. Answer to questions that others ask if you know the answer or remain silent!

Rule 2:
We don't talk about things we don't know. This is an informative, not a misinformative community.

Rule 3:
We don't make spelling mistakes on purpose. We use "you" not "u", we use "why" not "y" etc.

Rule 4:
We don't make posts that contain not useful information. Posts like "cool", "lol", "yeah" and "I agree" don't contain anything useful for others. We are not fans of off topic, unless it contains something smart or funny. Most of things spammers find funny are actually not funny at all.

Rule 5:
We don't "bump" posts on purpose or double post whether on purpose or by accident.  If you want to add something to a post, edit your existing post.  You are however, allowed to post in old topics if it is relevant to your problem.

Rule 6:
We respect each other and other communities. We don't flame each other or other communities. We don't fight on the forums.

Rule 7:
We don't advertise other sites or communities unless we ask and receive permission to and from Moparisthebest. We don't post links to sites that are not in safe sites list on main page. We never advertise via the PM system.  Advertising through the PM system will result in a permanent ban.

Rule 8:
We don't care about post count alone. If someone has high post count and most of it is spam, we hate them. If someone has high post count with informative posts, we love them. The higher count, the more we hate/love them.

Rule 9:
We never ask for "rep", or Asking for Moderation positions.

Rule 10:
DO NOT post or upload any copyrighted materials, ie deobs, clients or any other sort (however if you were to link to a file that was uploaded somewhere else or post code in the pasteBin, well, I would have no control over that right?  )

Rule 11:
We do not sell anything on these forums with the exception of SCAR scripts.  SCAR Scripts must be verified, check the script sales board about that

Rule 12:
We never have misleading links in our signatures or posts.  If a link says, we expect it to take us to  Misleading links anywhere will result in warnings, and in some cases bans.

Rule 13:
Nothing to do with private servers belongs on Crank That Forum, use for these things.

Rule 14:
We only have 1 Forum account for Crank That Forum.  If you get banned or have trouble logging in, email an admin, or get a friend to contact an admin.  Multiple accounts will result in Bans.

Rule 15:
Do not talk about the Answers to the Quiz.  The purpose of it is to force new users to search for answers, and if it is discussed, searching the for answers will become very easy

Rule 16:
Do not share forum accounts on  If we find out that you are sharing forum accounts with a family member of friend, you will be banned.  If you want to access the forums, please create your own account.

If any of these rules have been broken, then you will be punished.

We're not asking much,

Thank you

Crank That Forum Team

326  General Category / The News / Re: Welcome to Our New forums! on: February 07, 2008, 08:48:57 am
Welcome to our forums, you will know we are still busy with making the forum the best.
Remember, have fun!
327  Rules (Applys to everyone) / All The Rules you need to know / Staff list on: February 07, 2008, 08:37:05 am
          Global Moderators:

          Graphics moderators:
          Server Updaters:

          Thank you for reading my list!

          If I missed anybody please notify me and post.

          Thank you
          • 0BbY
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          I hope to have a new server up within a week!
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